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The online portal is very easy to use and once a property has been entered the property details are saved for future check out and check in data’s which saves time when completing the form. I would have no problem at all recommending this system to anyone.

Jennifer Riches MARLA
Rogers & Partners

We have been using Hallmark since mid March and to date I am pleased to report that the transition has been straight forward and has made the management of utilities a much more efficient and a less time consuming task. This has meant that several members of my team can focus attention on other areas of the business that are more valuable to us. In the past dealing with utility companies has been a drain on resources, so from my perspective I am relieved to have the expertise of Hallmark.

Support and service from Hallmark is readily available and they have been very responsive to any queries we have had. Since we have started to use them, we have not had any issues and we have not had any negative feedback from tenants, and using the system seems to make the utility process at the beginning and checkout less labour intensive, which is a god send within Property Management.

The process cuts down the paperwork and also as the administrators used to send details in the post, it makes the process quicker with less chance of notifications going astray, so improves customer service to the tenants.

Jason Watkin
Director, Thornley Groves

Since introducing the Hallmark Utility Management Scheme we have been impressed by the ease of implementing the scheme within our current processes and the support we have received from Hallmark. We have noticed significant savings in both time and administration and the income we are receiving will prove increasingly valuable as our business continues to grow.

Braemore Property Management

Hallmark’s utility management service is a trusted and proven company to outsource the management of our tenant utilities to, saving us time and money. As their service is integrated within CFP, it is so simple to use and the support and customer service that Hallmark provides our company is exemplary. We would have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Gemma Knight
Fleetmilne Birmingham

We have used the utility management services provided by Hallmark since February 2006. Over the years, we have found their service to be of great benefit to our business in terms of the time saved by our administrative staff. The customer service provided by Hallmark is exemplary and the scheme is very simple to integrate, plus it earns our business a very useful supplementary income. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to other agents.

Philip T Chadwick
Director, Gascoigne Halman

We have used Hallmark for some time now and have been impressed with their commitment to simplifying the utility management process for their agents. With the introduction of the All-Inclusive service we have further reduced the time we spend transferring utilities for our tenants and landlords. The process is very easy for both our staff and tenants to follow and if we have any questions, our Account Manager is always on hand to help us.

Keates Hulme
Andrew Johnson

Having been a very satisfied Hallmark customer since 2011, recently we switched our management software provider to CFP. One of the reasons we made the move was the fact that Hallmark’s service is embedded within their software, allowing us to manage all tenant utilities at the ‘touch of a button’. The process is very simple and has saved my business not only valuable management time, but also the salary of an employee who originally managed this area who has now been reassigned elsewhere within my business. Support provided by Hallmark has been first class, their management team and administrative infrastructure have been fantastic, plus using their service provides a useful income too. I would recommend any other CFP customers not presently using Hallmark’s service to give them a call, it just makes managing tenant utilities so easy!

Kate Watts
Managing Director, Robert Watts Lettings

As the largest independent letting agent in Yorkshire we process a large number of check-ins and check-outs every month. We have been using the services of Hallmark for some time now and have found the ability to submit automated tenant data to them saves our branch staff significant time when dealing with utilities. We simply send them the correct information at the right time and Hallmark does the rest. We have used other utility management companies in the past but have found Hallmark provides a far greater level of service and support than any other we have used. With regulations constantly changing, it is good to know that Hallmark keep us up to date with any changes required and ensure that we remain compliant at all times. This plus the added bonus of an additional income stream make the whole issue of utility management much easier to deal with for our staff

Nick Simpson
Director, Linley & Simpson

As a national franchise group we have a responsibility to our franchise owners to ensure that we not only provide them with commercial opportunities to increase their revenue but also to give them access to trusted and reliable service providers that can help their business.
Utility management has always proved to be one area of any letting business that can take up too much administration time and become a drain on resources. After long discussions, we were delighted to appoint Hallmark as our Preferred Supplier for utility management as they have been able to demonstrate in-depth understanding of our requirements in this area and provide a specialist service that simplifies the process both at Check-in and Check-out. Hallmark have clearly benefited from their 10 years of experience within the industry and have a team of people on-hand to provide as much support as we require to ensure our franchise owners gain maximum benefit from the scheme and at the same time, remain right up-to-date with the numerous regulation changes happening within the sector.

The streamlined processes mean that utility management as a whole has become much easier – and more profitable – for our franchise owners.

Ian Maclean
Belvoir Lettings, Central Office